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Although I want awareness and help for all, I really dislike how TLC are turning into ‘BFRB’s Organisation’. They appear to be rebranding on all social media and also rebranding their products/awareness info. (Though they still work under and call their conferences TLC).

In my opinion,…

I absolutely disagree with this blog post. For too long now Dermatillomania sufferers have been completely in the dark… no treatment, no hope, no awareness, etc. We finally have an organisation like Trichotillomania Learning Center willing to include Derma in its research, treatment, awareness campaigns and so forth… something we very desperately NEED! Most people (general public) are familiar with Trich and that it means hair-pulling. Most treatment providers are aware of this disorder and provide support/treatment for it. In Australia I can find psychologists who specialise in treating Trich but not Derma. Derma is VERY unheard of and currently there is no one who treats it here in Australia (please correct me if I am wrong). No one even knows what the word means! Whilst I agree with Beckie0 in that I hate Derma being lumped in with other BFRB’s I think the similarities between Derma and Trich mean TLC is more than capable of finally lending the support needed to sufferers of skin-picking disorder.

Where I do agree with Beckie0 (but probably for very different reasons) is that I want to see Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania remain two DISTINCT disorders, two DISTINCT categories, etc. so our voices can finally be heard! However this can be achieved by TLC - we do not need a separate organisation for this. In fact I tried to set one up here in Australia but it is costly, time consuming and means involving a lot of people in the set-up and running of the organisation. While I feel like our condition will get lost if it is lumped in with other BFRB’s or coupled up with Trich there are things sufferers can do to ensure Dermatillomania continues to be talked about and recognised as a disorder in its own right. This is why I have chosen in my awareness campaigns, YouTube channelblog, support group and in the creation of my wristbands to ONLY focus on Dermatillomania. Not because I do not want to provide support for other BFRB’s but because Derma is fairly unheard of, was only added to the DSM-5 this year and many people have suffered in silence for far too long which is why I think it needs to be talked about on its own before it risks getting lost in the BFRB label.

And there are other people making noise about this disorder! I have been doing so for almost 7 years now, as has Angela Hartlin and Laura Barton. I can’t speak for Angie and Laura but I am one very busy girl… full time uni student, working 4 nights a week whilst being a single mum to my little boy and volunteering when I can. This means I can only focus on raising awareness for Derma when I am on breaks in between uni semesters but I am doing the best that I can at this point in time!

If Stress Had A Face


If stress had a face this would be it…

My 'stress' face.

My ‘stress’ face.

I wish I knew a healthier way to cope with my stress. This disorder is slowly killing me from the inside out. Although of course it is quite possible that this disorder could kill me from the outside in. With every wound comes the risk of infection and I’m no stranger to infections.

The cause of my stress may also be the reason I go quiet…

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Long time. No write.

So it has been a while since I have written anything on here. My apologies! Last year I found it really hard juggling full time uni, my night job, volunteer work, a teaching prac, being a single mum as well as keeping this website updated and selling the Dermatillomania Awareness Wristbands. Something had to give because we all know what happens when we suffer from this disorder and we become…

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Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?

Daughter by Janice Lee

I think about this quote a lot.   (via fusels)

this made me really think

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this hit me like a load of fucking bricks.

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Free Weekly Meditations on Skin Picking and Hair Pulling

Free Weekly Meditations on Skin Picking and Hair Pulling

The OCD Center of Los Angeles is offering a free subscription to an exclusive 52-week online program developed specifically for those suffering with Dermatillomania and Trichotillomania. Follow the link to find out more or to sign up today. I think this is something I’ll be willing to try… what have we got to lose right?

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If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.
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My skin has got this. It knows how to heal itself. I don’t need to interfere.

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